Live Your Best Life!


Since graduating college this past May, I've gotten a lot of messages saying I look happy and how my post grad life looks "lit." Although a majority of my time is spent at work, I am doing something different. What am I doing you ask? Well, it's simple. I'm practicing the art of living my best life. If there's a concert I want to go to, I'm going! That trip I've been dying to take, I'm planning it! I'm 22 and honestly too damn young to be wasting my life away.

Often times, I feel like a lot of us are afraid to go out and do the things we want. It may be because the funds are low, you can't find anybody else to experience it with you, or you're just nervous in general. Well guess what? Save those coins! If there's something you really want to do or go try, make the means available. If nobody else wants to go, go by yourself! Take yourself on a date, get to know yourself, spend some time enjoying yourself because at the end of the day, guess who's going to be there, YOU! And as far as being nervous, take that leap of faith! You don't want to spend your life wondering "what if," do you? Besides, It is better to regret the things you did instead of the things you did not do. 

Before I graduated, I was scared for what was going to happen. I did not have a set plan, but I knew I wanted to be happy, that's it. I wanted to be happy with the people I let into my life, happy with the decisions I make, and happy with the places I go. So far, Life is great. Is it perfect? Definitely not! But, am I happy? Yes! I'm happy with everything that is coming my way, because these are the things that are shaping my life into the best life.


That Sydney