Broken Hoetation Part. 2

So, if you read Part 1, I said I’d be back in 2018 with the summary, but homecoming just passed and the people wanna know “Was the homecoming phase activated?” Well guys, the answer is... Hell to the nah nah, to the nah nah nah, hell the nah! Y’all knew better like this is ME we’re talking about. 

Did I have options? Of course I did.  You’re always gonna have options whether it be somebody you want or not. But, me being me, you can slide in my dm’s if you want, but shit still won’t pop. We’re not about to link just because you liked 5 of my pics on Instagram playa, you gotta come harder than that lol. I respect anybody that can tap into their hoe phase, I low key envy y’all. But I, Sydney Tyler Coffee, need some type of strings attached. I can’t do the hook up and pass by each other like nothing happened that’s just not my ministry lol. 

Honestly, my hoe phase isn’t broken... it’s just nonexistent and I’m perfectly okay with that. Prayerfully, the next man I decide to  bless  with my love will be worth it, and if not, well that’s just another lesson in this game called life. Until then...  I’ll continue to fall in love with myself, because I’m actually bomb af.


That Sydney